Office Cleaning

JIsaac pic 150 px w&R Cleaning Services partners with you to customize a service that is best for your facility.  We understand that each business has different cleaning needs and standards.  When you contact our office one of our endust 55pxwprofessionals will come out to your company, walk through the building, and discuss your specific needs. There is no long term contract requirement.

Using methods such as employee screening, extensive interviews and reference checks, we look for trustworthy, respectful, and reliable people to service your facilities.  We provide dependable service and your building will be cleaningsolnbottle01cleaned no matter what the weather is.

Security is a top priority for our company.  When J&R Cleaning  leaves your building the lights are turned off, doors locked and alarm set.  Our professionals call in to our office to give us a nightly report. This dustmops-150pxwreport includes any information regarding activity after hours while cleaning in your facility.


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