Carpet Cleaning

J&R Cleaning Services provides you with two choices in how you need your carpets cleaned. We offer the traditional steam method. This method uses water heated up carpetscrubber200degrees to reach deep down into the carpets and remove dirt, oils, and debris. It removes harmful allergens, which can eliminate  the loss of production due to sick days. It also extends the life of your carpets.  We recommend you have your carpets steam cleaned two times a year.

Encapsulation is a newer method. This method uses less water therefore there is less drying time.  Using a dry bonnet, the chemical is released into your carpet and continues cleaning the carpet each time you vacuum.  We recommend using this method in between the annually steam cleans. Encapsulation chemicals crystallize the dirt bringing it to the surface where it carpetsprayercan then be removed with a vacuum. Encapsulation is faster in cleaning the carpet therefore it cost less.

J&R Cleaning Services provides upholstery cleaning  and stain guard protection. We include carpet spot removal in our cleaning service contracts.  When our staff is cleaning your facility and they see a spot in your carpet they remove it at no extra charge to you. J and R wh van

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